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Easy collaboration


With one place to gather and align your virtual teams around the product data, opportunities and risks that your team needs to know, Skyjed is a powerful conduit between your product team and the rest of the business.

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A powerful conduit for collaboration

Whether they’re from sales, marketing, finance or risk, invite your virtual team to your product project, where they can enrich and inspect data insights and buy into your projects.

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Stay aligned remotely

No matter where they are, Skyjed is the place where your virtual and distributed team to collaborate at each and every product lifecycle stage. Align as a virtual team and make decisions quickly and effectively.

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Protect and preserve product knowledge

Don’t let your deep product lifecycle knowledge walk out the door with departing team members. Record it and make it accessible to current and incoming team members anytime and from anywhere.

Think of Skyjed as your product management time capsule where anyone new can quickly see where things stand, the thinking behind decisions made, as well as what needs to be prioritised next

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A structure for success

The 5 October 2021 Design and Distribution Obligation has come and gone. This isn’t just another box ticking exercise. It’s a chance to go to lift your game on product governance, cut the cost of compliance, simplify your product portfolio and gain a growth advantage.

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Clarity and accountability

With action tasks, comment threads and notifications, Skyjed offers an easier way to keep cross-functional teams accountable, ensuring progress happens across the portfolio. Make comments against important data points and assign team actions and deadlines.

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Upskill and inform

A simple way to upskill and inform new product team members so they can hit the ground running. Quickly and effectively update on the growth outlook with boardroom-ready bespoke reports.