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End-to-end product lifecycle


Skyjed’s continuous audit cycle and product domain framework are designed to yield product intelligence throughout your product’s lifecycle and across six critical domains of product health, so you can see opportunities, gaps and risks ahead of time.

Think of it as your MISSION CONTROL FOR PRODUCT MANAGEMENT ™ - with everything you need in one place to finely tune your products from design, to launch to sunset.

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Spot opportunities and risks early

Never miss an opportunity - or a red flag with the support of Skyjed’s continuous monitoring process, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate rich product insights.

The AI-powered platform MISSION CONTROL FOR PRODUCT MANAGEMENT ™ powers your product team’s best next move by automatically analysing product health and assigning simple-to-understand product scores for revenue, value, customer, innovation and regulatory performance.

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Compare over time

Compare products’ health and growth over time - and against each other - from design to end-of-life. Access highly visual, colour-coded health and risk scores that make it clear when and where to focus your team’s attention.

Move beyond traditional revenue metrics and a point-in-time perspective on your product portfolio with Skyjed’s continuous audit framework. See the big picture when it comes to your portfolio, making smarter decisions about when and where to invest and augment your strategy.