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Growth and revenue


Skyjed is designed to focus the team’s attention on the critical risks and opportunities that have the power to change the game and deliver revenue growth.

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Know which products to invest in, what to cull and when to scale.

Skyjed gives you access to the data you need at your fingertips - and the headspace - to develop an informed action plan to optimise your product portfolio and achieve product growth.

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AI-powered health checks for rapid access to growth intel

Product Growth and Revenue is one of the five key domains of product health that is assessed by Skyjed. Quickly access a comprehensive report of a product’s health and performance with Skyjed’s health checks, which is able to assess 200 unique data inputs to detect products’ growth potential and threats.

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Consistent check-ins

Skyjed lets you set a consistent cadence of product audits so that you stay on top of your growth strategy and consistently progress, no matter what tomorrow throws at you. Compare growth metrics over time with regular 90-day checks that give you a better picture of your products’ growth trajectory and a more reliable way to spot possible curveballs coming down the product pipeline.

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Act fast with easy-to-assign
actions and notifications

Create a virtual team to collaborate and assess your product growth plans, set forecasts and develop actions together. Assign improvement actions and stay aligned and accountable with notifications and action management.

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Automated growth reports

Keep key players in the loop on your growth outlook with a click, so you can focus on delivering. Boardroom-ready AI generated health reports let you quickly and effectively update on the growth outlook.