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Insights at speed


Sixty two per cent of Product Managers say that data analytics is a skill they want to get better at, as they seek a shorter, more accessible path to insight. Skyjed is your team’s single source of product truth and insights at speed, enabling you to take decisive action and anticipate your next advantage.

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Anticipate your next advantage

Skyjed’s continuous audit cycle analyses provides up-to-the-minute product intelligence by analysing product health across five key domains - revenue, value, customer, innovation and regulatory.

With these action-ready insights your team is empowered to identify underperforming products and assign resources to products that are driving revenue and commercial growth - all while keeping key stakeholders in the loop.

Easier access to insights makes developing customer-centric products and make data-driven decisions that uncover profit.

With Skyjed’s Insights at Speed, you can:
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The data you need for decision-making

Make informed and confident calls around a single source of product truth. Get executive support with clear justification.

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Action items at-a-glance

Access highly visual, colour-coded health and risk scores across five key financial and non-financial domains.

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Filter for focus

Filter product reviews and reports by health and risk to decide where to focus.

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Share insights easily

Save hours with AI generated reports.