How Skyjed connects Product Development and
helps manage Product Introduction

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How Skyjed
Connects Product Development

With Skyjed, collaboration is built in from the ground up. It starts with Skyjed’s virtual team functionality. You can quickly and easily invite relevant cross functional team members into your virtual team. Someone from risk, sales, marketing, operations – anyone who can contribute anything from data to insight to advice.

It doesn’t matter if your team is in the next room or spread out around the globe, Skyjed makes true collaboration effortless.

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Central to the platform is Skyjed’s action management centre that allows a product owner to assign, monitor and manage actions easily and effectively from inside their Skyjed workspace.


Automatic email notifications and reminders to action assignees ensure due dates are always top of mind, and comments received from virtual team members are captured for future reference.


Finally, automated reporting helps you generate and share product and portfolio reports to key stake holders throughout the organisation in no time at all.

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Effective Product Introduction

To help you get ready for a product launch Skyjed has a Launch Ready Checklist driver built into its Regulatory Domain.

The checklist covers everything you need to address in order to effectively introduce a product to market.

It covers more than 35 different areas you need to consider when planning your launch and allows you to rate the importance of each item for fast identification of launch risk factors.

Combined with Skyjed’s in built collaboration functionality that helps get all stakeholders involved in the process, the Launch-Ready Checklist ensures nothing is left to chance on launch day.

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Skyjed Launch Ready Driver

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