Continuous Audit Framework

Your product monitoring framework to innovate business models & improve compliance.

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Why the Continuous Audit Framework?

Continuous monitoring of your product enables product executives to:
Review product strategy and help make adjustments
Understand and ensure products are performing as intended

Skyjed contains a unique continuous monitoring process that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you find growth opportunities and detect emerging risk in your end to end product value chain.

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Step 1 : Input / review your product strategy

If you’re using Skyjed for the first time, you may want to import your existing product strategy from an existing source.

If you don’t yet have a product strategy, no problem! Simply input a few thoughts and move on. You can come back and refine your strategy over time.

If you are commencing a subsequent audit for an in-market product, now is a good time to review your existing strategy to assess its ongoing appropriateness!

Clear communication in Skyjed

Step 2 : Invite your virtual team

Now you are ready to start your audit!

Invite relevant team members to help you conduct your audit. Someone from risk, sales, marketing, operations – anyone who can contribute anything from data to insight to advice.

You decide who can contribute and how much control you wish to delegate.

Ideal for remote and virtual working.


Step 3 : Conduct your product audit

Conduct your product audit by inputting information and selecting ratings for each of the information input drivers in each of the 5 domains. You can also ask your virtual team to contribute information and review ratings.

As you progress through your audit you can periodically check the progress of your product’s heath score by clicking on the insights tab at the top of your workspace.

Once you have finished inputting all your driver data, you’re ready to hit the button and publish your audit. You are now ready for step 4.

Explosive product growth with Skyjed

Step 4: Review and assess your health check insights

The Product Health Check is a product review. It is a forward-looking assessment of your product at a point in time. This assessment provides you with a calculated product health score and risk profile.

Skyjed presents your product health check score in a simple, visual format with a percentage rating and a colour coded meter to show positive and negative growth potential.

With the insights presented in the product health check, you’re now ready to build your action plan.

Action plan

Step 5: Build and manage your action plans

A Skyjed action plan is a detailed plan outlining the actions required to reach your product vision and metrics. It is the step by step plan of what’s needed for your product strategy to succeed.

Setting an action plan can help you turn your vision into reality and increase efficiency and accountability in your organisation.
Action plans encompass both strategic and risk based actions.

Actions include information such as:
What is the objective for the action
Who will carry out the action
What is the severity / priority 
When is it due

As well as providing communication throughout the team about what is happening, built in notifications allow you track the status or completeness of the actions.

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