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Continuous monitoring framework


Like launching a rocket, building brilliant products requires constantly monitoring and fine-tuning action plans, based on data.

As Mission Control for Product Management, Skyjed includes a continuous monitoring framework that helps product teams keep one eye on the horizon - their growth opportunity - and one immersed in the daily details.

No matter how crazy work gets, Skyjed’s AI-powered continuous monitoring framework lets teams stay on top of innovation, planning, growth, margin improvement, product experience and governance, with regular and structured monitoring and auditing.

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How it helps:

Move beyond traditional revenue metrics and point-in-time perspectives with Skyjed’s end-to-end lifecycle framework for best practice product governance. Promote proactive and strategic product management and a continuous improvement loop for your products, consistently stay on top of financial and non-financial risks and opportunities in your portfolio with the help of AI, while keeping a record of all key metrics throughout your product lifecycle

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Consistent cadence

Regularly review product strategy and make adjustments based on up-to-date data

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Holistic overview

See the big picture when it comes to your portfolio.

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All aboard

Invite your virtual teams in minutes and assign clear roles and responsibilities.

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Compare products

View products’ health and growth over time from design to end-of-life.

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Keep stakeholders in the loop

Provide quick and informative updates with automated reporting.