Product Health Check and Actions

Skyjed's product health check helps you build a 360 degree view of your product's performance. It identifies areas for improvement and opportunities for growth, and then helps you set action plans to improve your product over time.

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What is Skyjed's Product Health Check?

A Skyjed product health check is a process to review and assess your product. The health check is a structured assessment across the 5 domains of product health, performed by the product owner with collaborative input from other teams in your organisation.

Each of the 5 domains in Skyjed has a library of data input drivers. Theses drivers prompt the team to input information or a rating into each driver. Skyjed's AI engine then takes the inputted data and ratings and interprets them to generate the Product Health Index containing your health check scores. 

Product executives can use these health checks to regularly assess their product strategy, plans and risks. Regular health checks can identify any early signs of risk or opportunity.

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What is an Action in Skyjed?

Skyjed allows you to identify actions and risks so you can create a plan to achieve your product goals. Actions are categorised into one of two types:

Risk mitigation

Strategic actions are action plans to meet your product objectives and strategy.

Risk Mitigation actions help you prepare for or lessen the adverse impacts of a potential risk and address the long term sustainability of your product health.

A Risk Mitigation action requires you to perform a qualitative assessment of the risk in your product strategy implementation. 

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