Skyjed Product Domain Framework

Skyjed's 5 Domains give you a holistic view of your product's health far beyond traditional revenue metrics.

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Why measure the 5 Domains?

The 5 Domains are the 5 main components of product monitoring and decision-making. By inputting the relevant data into each of the 5 domains you will receive a holistic assessment your product's health from Skyjed's AI engine . 

With the Skyjed product health-check, you can identify where to set strategy and build out an action plan for your product to achieve growth and mitigate risk.

Traditional product lifecycle frameworks developed in the 1960's and still widely in use are focused purely on revenue or sales over time. Successful digital product management today requires a much broader assessment of a product's performance. The 5 domains detailed below combine to give a product owner a true 360 degree view of their products performance in the market. 

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5 Domain Framework
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Revenue Domain

The revenue domain captures external forces on your product strategy so you can monitor disruptive trends, find sustainable growth and business model success.

This Domain helps you:
Identify trends in the market, understand your target market, customer persona  and competitor analysis.
Define and identify details of your direct and indirect competitors.
Define situations which are likely to become a threat to your product growth.

Most importantly, it helps you to take note of how competitors are unlocking growth in market so you can be one step ahead.

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Value Domain

The value domain captures the areas of product profitability so you can understand your product supply-chain and be cost-effective.  Sales or revenue are important. Profit is what matters.  

This Domain helps you:
Identify and segment costs so you can be cost-effective
Get a grasp on your costs and product margins and improve operational efficiency
Understand as the difference between total sales and the cost of those sales.

The main takeaway is to know your product supply-chain and the costs of your product. The process is ongoing.

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Customer Experience Domain

This domain captures your product's CX and how your deliver value to your customer.

This Domain helps you:
Observe and monitor all the touch points a customer experiences
Remove friction in the customer journey, from awareness to resolving an issue
Map the end to end experience in customer eyes instead of the business' eyes

The key to improving customer engagement and loyalty is tracking metrics that help you improve your product experience consistently.

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Innovation & Disruption Domain

The innovation & disruption domain captures the areas you need to assess to create future value for your customers. It also captures the resources you will need to successfully implement. 

This Domain helps you:
Set out innovation plans and monitor disruptive trends
Understand the trade-off and investment required to implement your innovation plans

Product innovation never stands still and therefore you must have a routine to monitor and update and evolve your plans so that you can manage product disruption.

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Regulatory Domain

The regulatory domain captures the areas that are important to product compliance and customer trust. Product trust is now an important area for product executives.

This Domain helps you:
Set your target market for the product
Define regulatory obligations and monitor and set action plans to improve and manage any risks.
Monitor where and how your product is sold to ensure it is performing as intended.

The compliance of regulatory and legal obligations for your product requires you to monitor where and how your products sold. 

That includes emerging areas and gaps in your end to end product operations. Also, engagement with your legal, regulatory and risk teams.

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