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Trust-centred product governance

Skyjed's agile product governance is forward-looking and best-practice for agile development and product management teams to oversee and grow launched products.

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Close the product governance gap

Skyjed’s best-practice  governance framework of Plan, Review, Act provides virtual collaboration and a regular cadence of deep-dive reviews to bring together agile development and product lifecycle teams.  Even though its powered by Ai and automation you don't need any technical support to set it up.  You can create your first product and virtual team in minutes.


Optimize Strategy 1

Maintaining a simple, forward-looking process is critical

Skyjed is quick to deploy, affordable and without enterprise complexity.  Using the Plan, Review, Act tool to generate unbiased, objective, comprehensive product health and risk  reports quickly; giving you more time to develop effective growth strategies.

Regulatory 2

Follow-up with formal and consistent reviews

Skyjed's software is one of the most powerful tools available to agile  product managers.  Create 90-day product audits, manage team actions to get things done and automate all your emerging risk reporting.  It saves time and improves your strategic and risk decisions.

Optimize Strategy 3

Easy to use, buy and scale product governance for high performing product teams.  

Agile product growth

Set a high-performing  product design and distribution framework and product monitoring capability with one click. 

Customer focused product audits

Product deep dives and assessment capability across the life of a product.  Set your governance cadence in one place.

Accountable and agile

Create a single point of team accountability through-out the lifecycle based on a precise target market determination

Continuous improvement loop

Stay disciplined and proactive with our Plan, Review, Act framework.  Easy to set-up and start-using in minutes to monitor and improve your products.


Work from anywhere 

Create  a virtual product team in minutes with clear roles and permissions across a distributed team to grow with risk in-hand.

Monitoring regulatory obligations

Build trust and save time with automated product regulatory reporting. Skyjed offers a modern and effective tool for product compliance.



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