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Trust-centred product governance

Skyjed creates customer focused product reviews, comprehensive reporting and continuous product health monitoring so you can engage your customer and deliver value .

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Close the product governance gap

Skyjed’s best-practice  governance framework provides virtual collaboration, transparency and customer trust in the day to day operations of your organisation.  


Optimize Strategy 1

360 degree view of every products' health from anywhere

Generate unbiased, objective, comprehensive product health and risk  reports quickly; giving you more time to develop effective growth strategies.

Regulatory 2

Instant decision-making capability with AI powered health checks

Remote and virtual working with real-time access  to product and risk insights for fast product audits to share with internal stakeholders to collect feedback and stay on-top of product risk.

Optimize Strategy 3

Trust-centred product governance.  With Skyjed you can:

Create a product governance framework

Set a best practice product design and distribution framework and product monitoring capability with one click. 

Complete fast product reviews

Product monitoring and review capability across the life of a product.  Set your governance cadence in one place..

Set your target market 'persona'.

Define product innovation plans  based on a precise target market determination. Identify customer needs, objectives and challenges. 

Set disciplined review cadence

Stay disciplined and proactive by setting reminders to evaluate each week, month and quarter with our comprehensive product reviews and performance health-check reports.


Collaborate and work remotely 

Use our 360 degree view to create  confidence you are identifying and responding to product issues.

Generate a product health & risk reports

Save time with automated product reporting. Skyjed offers ‘insights on a page’ and comprehensive management health-check and risk updates  in one-click.



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