Trust-centred product governance

Skyjed’s digitally-lead approach to product governance leads not only to reduced cost of compliance but drives significant product growth & improved customer outcomes.

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Close the product governance gap

Skyjed’s best-practice governance framework enables virtual collaboration and uses a continuous product review and assessment framework. We bring together agile development, lifecycle and compliance teams, anywhere for end-to-end oversight.


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Matrix Management Structures

In matrix management structures, Skyjed paints a comprehensive picture of a product’s overall health and performance for timely change management.

Frame 22

More than just a project management tool or analytics dashboard.  

End-to-end oversight

Set a high-performing  product design and distribution framework and product monitoring capability with one click. 

Customer focused product audits

Continuous cycle of product assessment capability across the life of a product.  Set your governance cadence in one place.

Accountable and agile

Create a single point of team accountability through-out the lifecycle based on a precise target market determination

Continuous improvement loop

Stay proactive with our product lifecycle audits and domain management framework.  Easy to set-up in minutes to monitor and improve your products.


Work from anywhere 

Create  a virtual product team in minutes with clear roles and permissions across a distributed team to grow with risk in-hand.

Monitoring regulatory obligations

Save time with automated product regulatory reporting. Skyjed includes product health-checks and Board ready reports.



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