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Meet all product regulatory obligations

Skyjed is your ally in ensuring compliance in everything from product regulatory design requirements to self assessment product audits.

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Capture regulatory obligations

Skyjed is your one place to capture, view and share comprehensive product lifecycle histories and design requirements and undertake product 'self-assessments' of  product lifecycle health.

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Develop lifecycle programs

Manage increasingly complex product lifecycle regulatory obligations with ease with Skyjed's automated monitoring and updates. Route problems and questions to help solve customer experience gaps.

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In sync with regulatory and risk teams

The Skyjed advantage includes: easy sharing and collaboration between product, risk and regulatory teams; a new and better way to challenge assumptions, identify product regulatory gaps and review the big picture.

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Trust driven product strategy.  With Skyjed you can:

 Define your regulatory obligations

Create a list of relevant product regulatory compliance requirements and update when they change.

Set your target market precisely

Describe your products’ target customers and their ‘persona’ and eliminate gaps with joint accountability.

Monitor regulatory trends, proactively

Get structured input from regulatory teams or system reports to create a list of future changes or trends relevant to your product.

Assess regulatory compliance gaps

Define a product requirement statement and review gaps with regulatory and risk teams to ensure effective life of product oversight.

Create Ai powered self assessments

Review your regulatory requirements and rate the gaps and risks with our intelligence based product health scores.

One comprehensive product view

Collaborate with non-product teams, invite risk, regulatory and legal teams to comment, input and assign actions.

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