Oversee and mitigate product risk

By bringing product and risk teams together to get a complete picture of the product health, Skyjed enables you to align and resolve issues quickly from operational to non-financial product risks.

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Grow with risk in-hand

Get fast access to all the facts –  entire product history and all the strategic and risk actions. Generate real time product lifecycle insights, track actions and report with clear, accurate data.

Manage risk and resolve issues

End-to-end view

Cut through silos, identify accountabilities and track implementation of your strategy in an operational setting. Skyjed makes it easy to track market, competitive, financial, regulatory, technology and customer experience to see progress, issues and risks.
End-to-end view

No gaps with joint accountability

Make remote collaboration and improvement easier with one central place to review, take action and improve. Route problems and questions to help solve customer experience challenges.

Proactively manage product risks.  With Skyjed you can:


Identify product risks

Create a list of risks and tag them as strategic; set up mitigation plans and get automated risk reports and ratings.

Create risk mitigation plans

Create a risk action, with a summary, objective, description and track progress. 

Rate intensity and impact

Risk assessment templates that track likelihood and impacts and give a real-time calculated risk score.

Invite team members and assign actions

Invite risk, regulatory and legal teams to review and input and rate product risks as they change.


Automatically calculate risk rating

Use Skyjed’s smart AI to calculate your product risk rating with input from your non-product teams.

Generate a risk report

Automated reporting of product strategy and risk mitigation reports so you understand the true health of your product.

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