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Adjust product strategy to tackle new challenges

Skyjed creates customer focused product audits, comprehensive reporting and continuous product health tracking so you can focus on strategy.

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Succeed in rapidly changing markets

Skyjed’s quick and easy real-time monitoring of your market and competitors means you stay in sync with changing market trends, competitive landscape and customer needs and make better product strategy decisions.


Optimize Strategy 1

360 degree view of every products' health and performance

Generate unbiased, objective, comprehensive product health check reports quickly; giving you more time on the things you love  growth strategy and innovation.

Regulatory 2

Instant decision-making capability with AI powered health checks

Real-time access to product insights for fast product audits and reports to guide strategic recommendations and operational improvements.

Optimize Strategy 3

Smart product strategy creation.  With Skyjed you can:

Create a product strategy summary

Track objectives and growth metrics with one click. See progress and insights at a glance in the one place.

Research your market and competitors

Identify competitors, analyse market trends and market metrics to stay in sync with changing trends and competitive intelligence, on a continuous basis.


Shape the next big idea

Define product innovation plans across Horizon 1-3, stack-ranked based on importance and explain your product goals.

Set disciplined review cadence

Stay disciplined and proactive by setting reminders to evaluate each week, month and quarter with our comprehensive product audits and performance health-check reports.


Solve complex product challenges 

Use our 360 degree view to create  confidence you are monitoring and responding to product issues.

Generate a product strategy report

Save time with automated product reporting. Skyjed offers ‘insights on a page’ and comprehensive management health-check updates  in one-click.



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