Stay organised and
collaborate with ease

Skyjed is a quick to deploy and affordable virtual product team space, when you need it fast. 

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Stay aligned as a remote team

Bring together your virtual and distributed team to collaborate  at each and every product lifecycle stage.  Align as virtual team and make decisions quickly and effectively. 
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Break down silos 

Create and invite a virtual product team in minutes from anywhere across the globe.  Use a continuous monitoring cycle to break down silos, inbox overload and chaotic version control.

Break down silos

Efficient, forward looking and remote

Skyjed enables your virtual product team to operate efficiently, create a culture of accountability - while working remotely.   Its simple to deploy and assigns roles and accountability to product owners, contributors and reviewers.
Determine course-corrections

Align on strategy and priorities with diverse teams in real-time, with Skyjed you can:


Build out a virtual team

 Invite members to join more structured, proactive, and holistic approach to understand product health, issues, and strategies.

Assign strategic actions

Use the action tab to assign an action with importance and target date and make improvements before it's too late.

Add or change team members

Use the team and portfolio tab to create effective teams to set clear next steps across the entire product lifecycle.

Share out updates

Share automated, time saving insight reports, detailed risk reports, growth opportunities and regulatory compliance.

Record history of comments

Create a comment in comment tab with date and actions to get from strategy to implementation.

Induct new hires

Improve time to value with the entire product lifecycle history to induct new team members so they can get up to speed quickly.

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