360 view of product health

Skyjed's continuous auditing tool using AI helps managers, boards & leaders make the best product lifecycle decisions.

Monitor product portfolios

Monitor product portfolios

"With Skyjed I can quickly get a handle on the outwardly focussed challenges in our products, that I could never have done before". Director of Product, Financial Services sector.

Review product health & risk

Review product health & risk

"Skyjed halved my time spent on product planning & delivered practical, visible results". General Manager, Technology sector.

Deliver product growth & trust

Deliver product growth & trust

"After using Skyjed we simplified our products for the first time in many years". Head Product Engineering, Manufacturing sector.

Skyjed is a real need-to-have business tool to make product life cycle decisions your advantage

Business-wide product insight

Eliminate knowledge silos and increase alignment with accurate & complete product lifecycle insights available to the whole business.

Complete picture of product health

Skyjed will find insights with all the operational, non-financial & financial drivers of product health with any correlations or patterns you want.

Efficient life-cycle decisions

A simple and consistent framework for product teams to deliver continuous improvements to launched products, consistently and reliably.

Connection & transparency

Products lie at the heart of commercial success. One place for easy access, induction, handover and sharing, quickly and reliably.

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Skyjed is the first AI driven product life cycle decision platform

Strategy, insights & action

Real-time product lifecycle insights to stay on top of your product decisions - improve, simplify & decommission.

Plan and collaborate

Deep dive product reviews with input across your business, create action plans and track

Automated product reporting

Save time with automated reports and apply to make better decisions and update the business

Monitor product risk

Publish product health report to Board, CEO or business teams to align on strategy & risk mitigation

Skyjed advanced AI delivers instant, informed decision making capability from Product & Risk Leaders to your CEO & Board.

Skyjed makes it easy for you to set product strategy, review, rate & report on product growth & risk.

Skyjed ensures disciplined product governance with a proven commercial framework so that you can lead the C-suite conversation on future looking product strategy in disruptive markets.

Skyjed gives you transparency of your core product portfolios, highlights risk so you can improve compliance, business governance & maintain trust.

Five steps to efficient & connected product life-cycle and risk decisions.

Skyjed guides you through a planned audit of your product to capture product knowledge, compliance and the full spectrum of drivers .

Skyjed’s AI analyses driver data to produce a product heath index, product risk profile and prioritised product insight.

With insight, business teams collaborate to establish growth and risk management strategies with direct links to the product knowledge & risk appetite.

Share accurate & meaningful reports with teams and stakeholders on the status, health, risk, compliance and strategy of products and product portfolios.

Continually follow up and monitor the product strategy actions and risk mitigation plans.

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