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Use Cases

Mission Control for Sustainability & ESG

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Sustainability as a core component of health check scores.
Gain support, tools, and advice from our expert team on preventing greenwashing and collecting the right data.
Pre-built templates cover Sustainable Design, ESG Assessments, and more.
Use Skyjed to monitor ESG issues, e.g. Modern Slavery and Climate risks and opportunities - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits

Enhance the ESG performance of products and services with Skyjed.
  • Design and monitor sustainable products and lifecycles.
  • Embed an ESG focus in collaborative team environments.
  • Monitor and achieve ESG goals while easily managing and mitigating ESG risks.
  • Make ESG performance a core part of the continuous improvement of products and services.
Confidently make and evidence environmental and sustainability claims by gathering ESG data in Skyjed.
  • Meet the evolving requirements for communicating and substantiating claims in an increasingly rigorous anti-greenwashing regulatory landscape.
  • Document ESG decisions and build evidence to ensure your claims be easily verified by internal stakeholders and third parties.
  • Use pre-built templates to gather ESG information, provide assurance and record-keeping, and demonstrate how you are transitioning to more ethical and sustainable products and services.
  • Access our ESG support materials and download The Stop Greenwashing Playbook.
Connect with your Partners and exchange ESG data in the Skyjed Platform using Skyjed Connect.
  • Share information securely with partner organisations, stakeholders, and suppliers in Skyjed's ISO-27001 accredited, enterprise-grade platform.
  • Request data from partners on an ad-hoc or recurring basis (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

Embed ESG considerations in your organisation’s reporting processes and decision-making.

  • Use pre-built templates where users are prompted to consider ESG factors during every stage of a lifecycle.
  • Add targeted requirements on ESG and sustainability to custom templates for your organisation.
  • Ensure compliance with ESG standards and frameworks, such as IFRS S1 and IFRS S2.

Optimise your outcomes with Skyjed's ESG features and support.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Streamlined ESG reporting.
  • Improved accountability and transparency.
  • Protection for your clients.
  • Shareholder confidence and stakeholder trust.
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