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Masterclass: Product Managers Want To Be More Strategic
In a recent poll, it was uncovered that 4 in 5 product leaders want to be more strategic. Here we discuss what you can do to enhance your strategic skills using AI-powered solutions.
Masterclass: Effective Product Lifecycle Governance & Annual Product Reviews

Skyjed founder and CEO, Leica Ison, introduces two product lifecycle frameworks that enable product leaders to transform their product governance. Improve decision-making with these pragmatic steps and templates, and gain detailed knowledge in automating your annual product reviews.

Masterclass: Solving Product Distribution Challenges for DDO

This Masterclass looks at using digital tools to save time and operationalise your product lifecycle governance.  We look at case studies of how companies are sharing information into their distribution channel efficiently and effectively for DDO.

Masterclass: Creating Best Practice Target Market Determinations
Discover best practice learnings on how to: create Target Market Determinations that are effective and compliant, set triggers and thresholds for effective TMD management, eliminate ambiguous qualification criteria, and avoid common TMD mistakes.