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DDO Compliance - Monitor, Review, Resolve

ASIC's Design & Distribution Obligations state that when a trigger threshold is met you need to conduct a product review to determine which of 5 possible outcomes is appropriate.
That review has to be recorded and you need to be in a position to demonstrate evidence should the outcome be determined as a significant dealing

How do you conduct these product reviews in an efficient and effective way?

Why product owners must own the DDO review process

Product led Design & Distribution Obligations (DDO) Compliance - When a trigger event or significant dealing occurs only the product owner can conduct the mandated review to arrive at one of the 5 possible outcomes ASIC has identified.

Having the right tool to conduct and record this review is crucial to successfully managing and remediating in market products that may have faltered. Watch how Skyjed provides the product owner a complete end-to-end solution for DDO compliance.

Using Skyjed to Operationalise DDO - Design Share, Monitor & Comply

As of Oct 5th you will need to stop selling any consumer financial products that aren't managed under a documented, implemented product governance framework. See how you can implement and operationalise a product governance framework using the Skyjed platform, as well as how to automate your ongoing product monitoring and compliant record keeping.

4 steps to Comply with ASIC’s Design & Distribution Obligations (DDO)

Learn about the 4 steps to DDO compliance with Skyjed’s technology solution. We will show you how to use Skyjed to get fast, efficient compliance today and explosive product growth tomorrow.

Design & Distribution Essentials

The DDO compliance deadline is fast approaching. Implementing the essentials into your organisation can be a challenge without the appropriate technology to help operationalise your templates and frameworks.