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Mission Control for Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory as a core domain of health.
Full audit trail, customisable approvals processes, and automated workflows for easy management of compliance activity.
Pre-built templates ensure compliance with regulations around the world.
Achieve reduced complexity and significant time savings vs old processes - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits

A platform built by RegTech experts with additional support available as needed.
  • The Skyjed team have decades of experience in Regulatory Technology and built Skyjed to meet the needs of an increasingly complex regulatory environment.
  • We also partner with strategic advisory firms around the world to provide expert in-market guidance on regulations and compliance.
  • Take advantage of our expert guidance and support when tailoring your no-code Skyjed solution to your organisation's needs during onboarding.
Define and track your regulatory obligations and keep stakeholders aware of updates.
  • Create a list of relevant regulatory compliance requirements to easily check for compliance gaps.
  • Produce detailed risk and compliance reports with the click of a mouse to provide regular updates to key stakeholders whenever needed.
  • Evaluate risk indicators and statuses in real time with transparent compliance data that's accessible 24/7 for your teams.
Compliance made easy with Skyjed.
  • Use pre-built compliance templates for UK Consumer Duty and other regulations around the world.
  • "Set and forget" processes and custom-built templates ensure consistency in data entry and limit user error.
  • Ensure all users adhere to the requirements set by your quality and compliance teams.

Automated audit trail with Skyjed's record-keeping features.

  • Easily review version histories and changes as previous copies are automatically stacked behind the latest version.
  • View a simplified audit history for any document at the click of a button.
  • Access any required detail and create custom audit templates and reports as every change is securely logged and stored within Skyjed.
Automate manual processes with workflows and approvals processes.
  • Build custom approvals processes to suit your needs in varying scenarios.
  • Add approval stages for individual signoff or tailor group signoff requirements. Allow 1 to approve on behalf of a group, or require more than 1 or all to sign.
  • Use workflows to automatically identify risks and generate actions where needed.
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