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What you’ll learn

We then put our learnings into an actionable step-by-step playbook.

Download the Skyjed Product Monitoring & Reviews Playbook to learn how to:

  • Set up your product design and commence strategic monitoring to meet your growth objectives
  • Tailor templates and workflows for the product review cadence and transparency you desire
  • Track innovations, target market obligations, and customer complaints within your product lifecycle
  • Establish yourself as a strategic product growth leader with improvement actions
  • Report to stakeholders with product and portfolio level insights


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Discover Powerful Automation Features

Discover how Skyjed helps product teams conduct effective product monitoring and reviews in half the time with powerful automation features that make your process efficient and strategic.

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Learn how Skyjed's easy-to-use intuitive workspace with ready-built templates can get you up and running in 6 simple steps.

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Master high growth product management today

Find out how Skyjed makes it possible to set a product design, monitor metrics and targets, make improvements, identify risks and opportunities and create reports for stakeholders.