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Governance and compliance


A tightening regulatory environment and shifting consumer expectations have led to an increase in compliance requirements for product managers. It’s never been more important that products meet regulatory and governance requirements.

In this context, organisations are actively looking for solutions that help them reduce the risk of non-compliance without having compliance take away time for innovation and strategy.

As a leading RegTech solution for product managers, Skyjed is designed to do just that. Confidently anticipate changes, mitigate risk and monitor the regulatory environment all in a few clicks.

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Getting product governance right from the start

Product trust and governance have become a crucial part of organisation’s operating environment and core metrics for successful product management.

From shifting consumer markets and trends that bring with them expectations that products are refined with consideration to environmental, social and governance factors, to regulatory requirements like the Design and Distribution Obligations.

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A foundation for regulatory readiness
- built by RegTech experts

Skyjed is designed to help product managers create, maintain and retire products in a customer-centric way that meets these evolving regulatory requirements.

Co-founder Leica Ison is an expert in RegTech. She sits on the board of the RegTech Association of Australia and has made submissions to the Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech

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Keep everyone in the loop

Skyjed provides you with transparent compliance data, clear reporting - accessible 24/7 for your teams. Quickly and effectively update on risk and compliance with automated, boardroom-ready reports.

With Skyjed’s RegTech you can:
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Define your regulatory obligations

Create a list of relevant product regulatory compliance requirements to easily check for compliance gaps.

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Automate monitoring and updates

Evaluate product risk status and risk indicators in real-time. Drill down on the root cause of a risk rating and make better decisions.

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Create detailed compliance reports with a click

Provide regular updates to key stakeholders.