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Masterclass: Creating Best Practice Target Market Determinations

Join Skyjed’s CEO Leica Ison and Senior Customer Success Manager Sue Sivam-Raja as they share best practice learnings on how to create Target Market Determinations to ensure they are effective and compliant. Insights from multiple industry roundtables on DDO has shown that compliance with the Design and Distribution Obligations will require a new framework and new tools.
Discover how to avoid common TMD mistakes, eliminate ambiguous qualification criteria, and set triggers and thresholds for effective TMD management. Learn how Product Owners and Heads of Product save up to 26% of their time with Skyjed’s product, feature, characteristic format matrix; and build a DDO ready governance framework.
So why do you need this and why now?
With the October 5 deadline looming, getting your TMDs right is the first crucial step to operationalising your DDO compliance framework.
Skyjed’s Webinars and Masterclasses have been attended by business leaders, top executives and Chief Product Officers from the country’s top banks and financial services companies.