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Product domain framework


The backbone of Skyjed’s capacity to help product teams drive growth, mitigate risk and discover their best next move is the Product Domain framework.

By analysing products across six key domains of product decision making - Revenue, Value, Customer Experience, Innovation, Regulatory and Sustainability - Skyjed’s Product Domain Framework makes continuous monitoring and comparison of product health and performance both more effective and simple.

Domains that drive product performance

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Understand external forces that could impact on your product strategy so you can monitor disruptive trends, find sustainable growth.

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Trust is critical. Capture the areas that are important to product compliance and customer trust. Confidently anticipate changes, mitigate risk and monitor the regulatory environment all in a few clicks.

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Customer experience

Deliver greater value to your customers by mapping the end-to-end customer journey, methodically capturing engagement and loyalty metrics and removing friction in the customer journey.

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Monitor disruptive trends, evolve your plans and appreciate the trade-offs involved in carrying out product innovation throughout your portfolio.

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Understand the costs throughout your supply chain so you can be more cost-effective in your product management, get a grip on your margins and improve cost efficiency.



Transition products into more sustainable ones by setting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and metrics to monitor across the product lifecycle. Be informed by ESG risks and opportunities. 

The power of a product score

The Skyjed AI engine analyses all data and determines a health score per domain and per product. Easily identify opportunities for growth and pinpoint product risks early based on patented AI analysis of portfolio data and clear visual cues.

For example, you can stack rank your portfolio by health check score to easily identify products for investment and exit in one report.

How it helps:

Product managers’ responsibilities have changed. In the past, roles focused primarily on the pre-launch phase of development, or revenue and sales over time. Product managers today have responsibilities across a complex range of factors and the whole lifecycle of the product.

Skyjed’s Product Domain Framework guides and focuses the team’s attention on the critical risks and opportunities that have the power to change the game and deliver revenue growth.

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Simplify product management

A smarter way to be more proactive and do your best work

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Understand at a glance

Review product health at a glance, with visual cues and filters

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Build competency

Upskill product team members on what they need to do and when

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Monitor changes over time

Compare products to one another, detect early signs of change.

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Growth with compliance

Build action plans to deliver growth and value while staying on top of risk and regulation.