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All-In-One Product Lifecycle Management & Product Governance Solution


One centralised, code-free collaborative solution for your product design, monitoring, review, reporting and insights. A smarter, faster and safer way to strategically manage your product lifecycle and ensure product compliance.

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How Skyjed Works

Skyjed is an end-to-end product lifecycle management and governance tool that drives growth at every stage of the lifecycle, from ideation to sunsetting and exit, capturing its entire history all in one place, accessible with the click of a button. Powered by a unique AI engine, Skyjed interprets your product data to deliver product health and performance insights, as well as identifying where you have areas of risk to mitigate, and opportunities to maximise.
Helping automate up to 90% of those manual, repetitive tasks such as reporting, version control, and record keeping, Skyjed gives you back time to work on the things that matter most - innovation and growth.

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The Skyjed platform contains two distinct workspaces for your product design and scope, product lifecycle reviews and audits, and performance monitoring and insights for continuous improvement.

The Design Workspace is where you can build product designs and target market determinations for example, and the Audit Workspace is where you conduct your ongoing product monitoring and reviews. The beauty of Skyjed is that you can jump right in and start using Skyjed for product design, and monitoring reviews for continuous improvement. You can also set team members with approval access and use this to support the approval gates in the design and audit workflows, which will not allow an item to be published until it has been reviewed and approved by a designated approver or group of approvers.

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Product Design


We guide you every step of the way, from setting up your portfolios, and virtual team right through to helping you create your products and designs. We have many popular ready-made product design templates such as Target Market Determination, Lean Canvas, and Product Specifications Document just to name a few of the many templates that make it simple to develop new products. Or you can easily upload your own or customise a Design that’s better suited to your business goals.

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Product Audit


You don’t need to have a product design in Skyjed in order to add an existing product and commence review and management of it. When conducting your product audit, you can choose one of our prebuilt Audit templates, selecting the appropriate modules that reflect your business goals. Skyjed will load the information contained in your driver modules into your Audit workspace and you’re ready to go. You simply work through each of the audit drivers until they’re completed.

At any point in time during your audit you can add in contributor team members in the Manage tab and assign them actions such review components of the Audit or add in specific information.

Skyjed’s Event Scheduler allows you to plan out all your monitoring and review activity for the year ahead. Lock in your monthly, quarterly, annual, thematic and out-of-cycle product reviews for up to 5 years ahead. Skyjed automatically populates the fields from the previous Audit to save you time and avoid double-handling. If needed, you can easily review, edit and update the new Audit.

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In each of the Skyjed workspaces, there are information prompts called Drivers that help you gather the information you need to successfully complete your product design or monitoring and review process.

Skyjed contains many pre-built driver modules across financial and nonfinancial parameters including Revenue, Value, Customer Experience, Innovation and Regulatory areas to ensure a holistic analysis of product performance. However, it is also incredibly easy to create your own Driver modules or edit existing ones to better suit your business goals.

Key examples can include drivers tailored for the likes of Design and Distribution Guidelines (DDO), climate change, PROD 4, Mifid II or innovation goals just to name a few.



AI-Powered Health-Checks


Skyjed’s AI-engine calculates over 200 data points to determine a Product Health Check Score in the Insights section of the workspace. Using the Product Health Check Score, together with the insights and reports generated by Skyjed, you’ll be able to see if there are any areas of risk that need addressing or if there are opportunities for growth in your product.

You can also compare product performance on a product level or product portfolio level, or against one another to determine your next best course of action. This means you can change the course of your strategies as needed to ensure commercial success and compliance.

Skyjed makes reporting easy with ready-made reports that you can easily export and share with your stakeholders and team.

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Product monitoring trigger workflows are a valuable new way to set and forget important strategic event triggers to monitor important metrics and events in your products lifecycle. This capability is a gamechanger and will significantly improve your product lifecycle monitoring and management . The triggers can be automated in a workflow to make the entire product management process faster, more strategic, and more efficient.

Triggers are ideal for customer complaints, sales data, cancellations, margin decline, market share decline. Each strategic trigger can be viewed on the insights dashboard with a trends line.

When a trigger is met, Skyjed will notify you to take action. You can then conduct an out-of-cycle Product Review and assign actions to team members as needed to mitigate the risks presented by the Trigger.

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Skyjed has Action and Comments functionality built into the platform to manage both growth and remediation actions, and record comments as part of the history of the product.

You can assign actions or make comments out of any of Skyjed’s design or audit drivers. Once assigned, Skyjed’s Notification engine will notify the person who is assigned the action, it will notify the Action Assignor when the action has been completed when it’s approaching its due date, and any other engagement made towards that Action.

All actions and comments are managed within the platform so they automatically become part of the history of the product. This removes the need to search through endless email trails.

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Team Collaboration


Skyjed provides you and your team with one platform to manage your product lifecycle and product governance. You can add collaborators from compliance, marketing, sales, finance, and more to specific products or portfolios.

With action tasks, comment threads and notifications, Skyjed offers an easier way to keep cross-functional teams accountable, ensuring progress happens across the portfolio. Make comments against important data points and assign team actions and deadlines.

Skyjed’s automated alerts mean you no longer have to send emails or messages to remind them to complete a task. Once you assign an action or an event to a team member, Skyjed will take care of the rest.




One of the great benefits of using Skyjed for your ongoing product monitoring and action management is that your compliant record keeping is completely automated. The entire history of the product and its lifecycle is captured and made available with a few simple clicks.

This is particularly useful for product managers taking over a new portfolio. Knowledge transfer is automated and complete. No more searching on the shared drives or pawing through endless emails and spreadsheets to get the history of your new portfolio.

Any audit record, published design, event history, insight report or in fact any record kept within Skyjed can be exported to pdf or Word format with a few

DDO reports



Skyjed can integrate directly with other business tools to obtain product-centric information for monitoring, warning triggers, workflows, real-time application notifications and driver data for product governance oversight.

These integrations make it possible for you to monitor your products, conduct reviews and access your ready-made insights and reports.

Secure, Scalable and Compliant


Skyjed is a cloud Software-as-a-Service product lifecycle management and product governance platform. Skyjed is an ISO-27001 accredited solution.

Our SaaS solution will help you manage your lifecycle, ensure ongoing product compliance and access insights at speed, while reducing costs and freeing up your time so you can focus on strategic decisions to find growth and success.