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Breathing Life into Thought Leadership

Over the last 10-20 years, our habits have changed dramatically. Technology advancements have undoubtedly been one catalyst for this change, and I’m sure we all regularly ask ourselves if this is really a good step or not?

Deep down I believe we would mainly say it continues to serve us well, whether as a customer, in our work, or as a consumer of the proliferation in social media driven content. There are too many advantages to cover, and I’m not writing here to address those, just as I’m not seeking to target the negatives associated with these advancements. That philosophical debate is for those much better qualified than I ever will be.

So why open with it? It’s an introduction to one specific area, formed from some of the social platforms we now consume so readily, and where we are awash with content in the Thought Leadership space. I’m sure that my experience must align with many of you.

I spend a huge amount of time on LinkedIn, where there’s an ever increasing amount of Thought Leaders creating a wide range of content types. A talk, a playbook, best practice guides, a new book, blogs (like this 😊), there’s just so much. And I really value it.

The subject areas are undoubtedly pushing boundaries. Roadmap, Strategy, Discovery, OKR's, Product Vision. Most organisations I speak with are yet to really embrace these areas, and typically haven't an agreed strategy or approach to do so. What if they had a 'go to' place to consume and use this rich area of content?

There's a real opportunity for us all, if we're able to invest the right amount of time into absorbing it, to think how we could not just learn from it, also how we could utilise it to enhance our own work, or across that of your teams and organisations?

My gut feel…not much really makes its way into those practical environments. So how could this be improved?

Of course there’s an onus upon us all to consider an effective approach to bring these topics and content into our day to day, and therefore, what could help us? What might be a vehicle to accelerate this?

For me, its all about finding tools to act as the catalyst to embrace all of this wonderful content, then seek to infuse it into our work environments, lifting the knowledge bar across the organisation. Creating opportunities to demonstrate more about the growth in Product led thinking, in new Product roles, and in the difference they can make across the entire Product Lifecycle if we only give it a try.

I look at a lot of the content being created, and when taking the time to delve further into the detail, see that the vehicles to bring this to users or cohorts, often seem to be cobbled together across more mainstream tools, or from a collection of tools that seek to ‘complete the circle’.

It’s evidence of a gap.

What I haven’t yet seen is that one single place where all of this type of content can be held, and can become that single source of truth, building up a history for the consumer. If you like, their journey collated together in one place, and with the evidence and history of how they’ve then made efforts to use it in their role and workplace.

That day, that toolkit, it is surely coming. Here at Skyjed, we're able to strongly support this objective with our Skyjed Product Lifecycle Management & Governance platform, and we're actively working to ensure the best possible experience for users who wish to embrace this opportunity. In my mind, it's long overdue, and not only supports those with a strong desire to consume and try the content being created, it also creates a space for the authors and creators to bring their ideas to life in a much more consumable way. 

Would you like to know more about how Skyjed's Product Lifecycle Management platform could help you to embrace available Thought Leadership content, or be the 'go-to' home for YOUR content? Book a Product demo with me, Simon Tuddenham, and let's discuss the opportunity, and how Skyjed can help you raise the bar. 

About Skyjed

Skyjed’s AI-powered end-to-end lifecycle and governance platform is mission control for product management. Bringing together every data point across your entire product portfolio and lifecycle into a single source of product truth, it gives our clients a new perspective to make more strategic lifecycle decisions to launch, monitor, optimise and win with brilliant products. 

Our industry-leading platform has received numerous awards and recognition from clients and industry bodies, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.