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Mission Control for

Product Management


Skyjed’s AI-powered end-to-end product platform, called MISSION CONTROL FOR PRODUCT MANAGEMENT ™, brings together every data point across the entire product portfolio and lifecycle into a single source of product truth. It gives product teams a new perspective on their portfolio and a shortcut to discovering their best next move.

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Why Skyjed

Technology cycles are accelerating. Customer expectations are shifting and increasing. Product managers’ responsibilities are expanding. Organisations face a data deluge Yet even as product managers create ever more simple products for their customers, they’ve lacked their own tools to overcome the daily headaches and hurdles and help them stay ahead.

Designed for product managers by product managers, Skyjed fixes this. Develop more customer-centric and profitable products and gain an unstoppable advantage. 

Skyjed is MISSION CONTROL FOR PRODUCT MANAGEMENT ™, an ISO-27001 accredited solution, a safer, faster, and smarter way to manage your product lifecycles and product compliance.

What you get

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Growth and revenue

Grow your products the easy way with automated and streamlined processes. Know where to invest, what to cull and when to scale.

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End-to-end product lifecycle tool

Intelligent and holistic product management throughout your product’s lifecycle for an unstoppable advantage.

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governance and compliance

Catch emerging product risks early and prioritise red flags to make sure you’re never caught off guard by regulatory issues. Get compliant quickly and easily with continuous monitoring.

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Insights at speed

Gain the confidence to take decisive action with a 360 degree view of critical data points across your product portfolio.

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Super powered simplicity

With a structured, guided approach to assessing products, you can cut through the white noise and hone in on the insights that will give you a competitive edge.

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Easy collaboration

Bring everyone on the journey with a single source of truth and a powerful conduit between your product team and the rest of the business.

Skyjed  provides us with an end-to-end product development and management system which allows us to view all aspects of product decision making relating to the development of a product (customer research, target market and other supporting information) through to the ongoing lifecycle management of the portfolio and product exit. 

Barbara O'Conor Nash
Head of Products, Great Southern Bank

I have not previously come across a tool which brings the elements of product management together like Skyjed does - particularly for ongoing management as distinct from development.

Hugh Stodart
Head of Product and Engineering, Cipherpoint

Skyjed has reduced the amount of time spent on manual processes and implementation by 50%*. They make the ongoing management and monitoring of the Product Governance Lifecycle Framework and DDO very easy. The Skyjed solution will do most of the work for us.

Michael McCormick
Head of Strategy & Product *LUCRF.

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Product Monitoring & Reviews

In this playbook, we show you how you can effectively conduct product monitoring and reviews utilising automation and artificial intelligence to win back time so you can focus on growth.

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