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Data-Driven Product Lifecycle Management: Build Successful Products

In today's competitive market, it is more important than ever for product teams to build products that meet the needs of their customers. One way to do this is to adopt a data-driven approach to product lifecycle management

Data-driven product lifecycle management is the practice of using data to make decisions about products. This means collecting and analysing data on customer behaviour, market trends, and product usage to gain insights into what customers want and need.

In my many conversations with product leaders, the challenge is having the access to measurable data. Without this data, how can you analyse and make strategic product decisions? So the problem to solve for Product teams is accessing credible and regular product performance data so that product managers can make better decisions about product features, pricing, and marketing. They can also identify product risks and opportunities for growth.

How Skyjed is Empowering Users with Data-Driven Product Lifecycle Management

With our clients, as part of Skyjed's Standard and Advanced Onboarding programs we conduct discovery sessions to understand our clients' product goals, the data that available and how data teams can ensure systematic reporting into Skyjed. By the end of Onboarding program, product teams have all the necessary tools, data integrations and reporting dashboards to kick-start their product reviews on a regular cadence.

What does this mean for Product Teams:

  • Save up to 60% of time taken to conduct product reviews and reporting
  • Make data-driven decisions using our reporting dashboards at both the Product Level and at the Organisation Level. 

Benefits to Product Teams

Skyjed empowers its users to access data that they previously could not. This data can be used to make better product decisions, such as:

  • Identifying customer pain points and opportunities
  • Prioritising product features
  • Determining pricing strategies
  • Measuring the success of marketing campaigns
  • Meet compliance, governance and be strategic, all at the same time
  • Visual data in reporting dashboards

Data-driven product lifecycle management is an essential tool for businesses that want to build successful products. By using data, product managers can make better decisions, identify risks, and seize opportunities.

Skyjed is a powerful AI-powered product lifecycle management platform that helps businesses adopt a data-driven approach to product lifecycle management. Skyjed's users can access data that they previously could not and use it to make better product decisions. With our successful onboarding program, you can have a fully implemented solution within 6 weeks.

If you're not already using Skyjed, I encourage you to book a demo or trial our platform today to see how it can help you maximise the value of your product lifecycle and governance efforts. With the right tools and approach, you can ensure that your products are meeting the needs of your customers and your organisation is meeting its governance obligations.

If you want to learn more about Skyjed, book some time with me today!

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