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Maximising the Value of your Product Lifecycle and Governance

Hello there, fellow product and risk leaders! As the Head of Customer Success at Skyjed, I've had the pleasure of working with many of you to help you maximise the value of our platform for your organisation. Today, I'd like to share some key tips on how to get the most out of your product lifecycle and governance platform, whether you're using Skyjed or another solution.

Tip 1: Start with a clear understanding of your product lifecycle

Before you can effectively manage your product lifecycle, you need to have a clear understanding of the stages that your product goes through, from ideation to retirement. Take the time to map out your product lifecycle and identify the key milestones and touchpoints along the way. This will help you identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement and ensure that you're managing your product effectively.

Tip 2: Use data to make informed decisions

Data is your friend when it comes to managing your product lifecycle. By gathering data on how your product is performing, you can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about how to optimise your product. Make sure that you're gathering data on key metrics such as customer satisfaction, product usage, and compliance performance, and using this data to inform your decision-making.

Tip 3: Collaborate effectively across teams

Effective collaboration is essential when it comes to managing your product lifecycle. Make sure that you're working closely with other teams, such as legal, compliance, and sales, to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals. Skyjed makes it easy to collaborate effectively with its built-in collaboration and communication tools.

Tip 4: Leverage automation to streamline your processes

Managing your product lifecycle can be time-consuming and complex, but automation can help streamline your processes and save you time and effort. Look for a platform that offers automation features, such as automated trigger workflows and real-time reporting, to help you stay on top of your product lifecycle without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

At Skyjed, we're committed to providing a product lifecycle and governance platform that helps our customers maximise the value of their products. Our platform offers a range of features and benefits that can help you optimise your product monitoring including identifying opportunities, managing risk, and collaborating effectively across teams. Here are just a few of the key benefits that Skyjed offers:

  • Real-time insights into your product performance, including customer feedback, product usage data, and governance performance.
  • Automated workflows and reporting, save you time and effort.
  • Collaboration and communication tools that help you work effectively with other teams.
  • Capabilities that help you stay on top of regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties.

If you're not already using Skyjed, I encourage you to book a demo or trial our platform today to see how it can help you maximise the value of your product lifecycle and governance efforts. With the right tools and approach, you can ensure that your products are meeting the needs of your customers and your organisation is meeting its governance obligations.

If you want to learn more about Skyjed, book some time with me today!

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