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Skyjed in the Regtech 2020 Awards

The Skyjed team is enormously honoured to be a finalist in 3 categories of the RegTech 2020 Awards - RegTech of the Year, RegTech Female Founder of the Year and RegTech Social Impact of the Year.

These nominations validate our mission to revolutionise the way organisations manage their product portfolios in the market. We believe the opportunity is global and applicable to any organisation that wants to get an accurate 360-degree view of product health. 

I am especially proud that Skyjed is a finalist in the RegTech of the Year category. This is great validation that we are building on from being RegTech Start-up of the Year in 2019 with great support from the RegTech Association. 

RT_AUST_Finalist Award Landscape 1 (1)

RegTech is a $127 billion global market and if Australia manages to capture just of 10% of that market, RegTech will be top 4 on overall product exports – ahead of all agricultural categories like meat and cereals as well as pharmaceuticals. Skyjed is committed to playing a significant role in being part of RegTech narrative and creating jobs of the future. 

Australian Export Market-1

On building a tech company with social impact, our vision is to enable product leaders to address: 

  1. bridge the gap between regulatory legislation and great customer outcomes
  2. non-financial product risks.  Skyjed is designed as an accessible customer and trust-centric governance framework as a SaaS offering.

I point to this quote that captures the fundamental issues we face in this space and potential of RegTech.

“Capitalism may be at a tipping point. For too long, policymakers, governments and business leaders have done a poor job of helping those who have been left behind, and lost sight of how capitalism can create more opportunity for all” - JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon

RegTech has much to offer to monitor governance obligations in a product lifecycle. It provides bottom-line benefits while materially making a difference in the world we live in. Being a finalist in the Social Impact category recognises Skyjed’s focus on product lifecycle governance issues that businesses deal with as well as the growing importance of customer trust.


The Skyjed product lifecycle management and governance platform provides organisations with a 360-degree view of their product portfolios health and risk status while facilitating collaboration, transparency and product trust in the day to day operations of the organisation.  Save time on reporting so you can get back to what you love - product strategy and innovation for growth.