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Skyjed Unleashes the Power and Efficiencies in Product Data Exchange Across Supply Chains

Welcome to our blog series, Unlocking the Future of Product and Lifecycle Management (PLM).

As Skyjed’s Chief Product Officer, I'm excited to delve deeper into how innovative PLM solutions are enabling effective and streamlined product data exchange across supply chains. 

In our latest blog, we explore how Skyjed Connect is redefining industry standards by addressing critical challenges like data discrepancies, compliance headaches, and fragmented data collation and collaboration.

Skyjed Unleashes the Power and Efficiencies in Product Data Exchange Across Supply Chains

In today's evolving business landscape and complex environments, there's no room for inefficiency or error. Yet, collaborating with partners and sharing or managing product data between partners remains a daunting challenge, as outdated manual processes and siloed communication get in the way. 

Step into the future of product lifecycle management with Skyjed, where innovation meets collaboration to redefine industry standards.   

Say goodbye to the days of scattered spreadsheets, version control issues, manual approval processes and endless email chains.

Skyjed Connect facilitates seamless sharing and consolidation of information, making it fast, efficient, and secure.  This streamlined information exchange simplifies collaboration and enables organisations to continuously monitor their products with ease and precision.

Skyjed Connect: A Symphony of Collaboration

At the heart of Skyjed's platform lies Skyjed Connect, the epicentre that enables organisations into a space of seamless information exchange. 

Picture a virtual ecosystem where partner organisations lock arms securely within the Skyjed platform, sharing data and insights, and driving progress with efficiency.

Skyjed Connect - GIF Partner Connection


Skyjed Connects Powerhouse Features & Benefits

Skyjed Connect is designed to tackle industry pain points head-on:

Secure Automated Data Exchange & Controls:                                                                     
Bid farewell to data discrepancies and compliance headaches as Skyjed Connect facilitates secure, seamless data sharing with controls.

Automated Product Governance & Performance Dashboards:
Harness the power of real-time insights to steer your organisation towards success, with dashboards that paint a vivid picture of risk management, strategic alignment, and product data and performance metrics.

Effortless Collaboration:
Break down silos and ignite synergy with internal teams and external partners, transforming fragmented collaboration into a well-oiled machine driving mutual success.

Proactive Management of Risk & Strategy Actions:
Arm yourself with the tools needed to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities, with automated risk and strategy action management and governance at your fingertips.

Automated Approval Workflows, Audit Trails & Record Keeping:
Bid farewell to manual approval processes, version control complexities and compliance headaches as Skyjed Connect automates complex approval workflows, and retains audit trails, version control and record-keeping with precision.

Actionable Scheduling & Notifications:
Say hello to a world where deadlines are met with ease and notifications keep your team on track, ensuring proactive oversight and seamless execution.

Enhanced Productivity Through Automated Administration & Proactive Alignment: Streamline communication, automate administrative tasks, and reclaim precious time for strategic initiatives that drive growth.

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Industry Pain Points: A Tale of Transformation

In industries like Financial Services, Insurance, and many others, managing data across distribution channels is a complex challenge.

Key issues include:

  1. Data Discrepancies:  Inconsistent data across channels leads to confusion, errors, high overheads, and risks.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: Constant changes demand vigilance, and manual processes can often fall short of compliance standards.

  3. Manual Processes: Cumbersome spreadsheets and endless manual tasks drain resources and stifle growth and innovation.

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Skyjed Connect Across Industries

Skyjed Connect, with its robust features, is transforming lifecycle management across industries. By facilitating seamless automated product data exchange and fostering collaboration, it addresses critical pain points and drives substantial operational benefits. 

The following table provides some industry use case examples, their specific pain points and challenges, and the improvements facilitated by PLM solutions like Skyjed Connect.

Industry Use Case Examples 

Industry Use Cases Pain Points  Benefits Realised
-Streamlining product data collection & reporting
-Enhancing partner collaboration
-Manual data collection & reporting
-Data discrepancies
-Compliance risks 
-Inefficient data sharing and collation practices
-Automated data collection/reporting
-Compliance assurance
-Efficiency improvements
-Streamlined collaboration
Manufacturing -Supply chain optimisation

-Manual process
-Data errors
-Data silos

-Streamlined workflows
-Improved supply chain efficiencies
Retail -Enhancing supplier collaboration
-Product information management
-Slow response to market demand changes
-Manual/complex product information management
-Version control and audit trail
-Faster product adjustments
-Improved  and traceable supplier product information data
Automotive -Optimising product sourcing and lifecycle management
-Enhancing collaborative design
-Geographical and organisational silos
-Compliance with standards
-Supply chain data collection
-Effective supply chain data management and operations
-Cohesive development efforts
Technology -Product design 
-Product lifecycle management
-Complexity in managing product updates & data
-Version control and audit trail
-Improved collaboration & traceability
-Faster time to market
-Enhanced product innovation
Saves time in product monitoring 
Healthcare -Compliance & regulatory documentation management  -Stringent regulatory compliance needs
-Fragmented data
-High stakes in product safety
Enhanced compliance management and reduced risk
Streamlined document management


By addressing operational challenges faced by industries and enabling efficient data sharing and compliance management, the overall productivity and sustainability of businesses can be enhanced.

Say goodbye to outdated processes and hello to a future fuelled by collaboration, efficiency, and innovation. 

Contact the Skyjed team to learn more about Skyjed Connect and embark on a journey toward unparalleled success.  The future awaits – are you ready?

About Skyjed

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Skyjed’s AI-powered end-to-end lifecycle and governance platform is mission control for product management. Bringing together every data point across your entire product portfolio and lifecycle into a single source of product truth, it gives our clients a new perspective to make more strategic lifecycle decisions to launch, monitor, optimise, and win with brilliant products. 

Our industry-leading platform has received numerous awards and recognition from clients and industry bodies, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.