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Product Management Governance Agile product management

The Ultimate Risk Matrix Feature for Product Governance

Introducing Skyjed's Risk Matrix Feature

Our new risk matrix feature supports product managers with review monitoring of product risks. There is also an automated product risk report that saves valuable time spent on administration. 

A key benefit of this new feature is enabling product managers to see emerging risks in their lifecycle and undertake early course-correction of their product strategy.

Skyjed Risk Matrix

Key Features of Risk Matrix:

  • Identify risk at a glance
  • Risk level density
  • Number of actions
  • Number of over due actions
  • Display open risk
  • Comprehensive filters to target different areas of a product portfolio


The Skyjed product lifecycle management and governance platform provides organisations with a 360-degree view of their product portfolios health and risk status while facilitating collaboration, transparency and product trust in the day to day operations of the organisation.

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