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Product Governance Design and Distribution Obligations

End-to-end Business Workflow and Product Governance

We recently wrote a blog piece on why product governance is so hard to get right. In that article, we revealed that the formula for better product governance is actually understanding that not all products are equal. Products have hugely varying strategic importance, business values and life stages that most companies struggle to assess in an effective manner. 

In this post, we will detail how Skyjed helps organisations with end-to-end business workflow and critical integrations. 


End-to-end business workflow

Skyjed helps to map key business workflows so organisations can manage them on ongoing basis. This starts with a process for setting product governance framework, mapping the teams involved, their responsibilities and internal and external data sets.

Product managers are provided complete ongoing monitoring and reviews of their products including regular information on customer complaints.



Skyjed provides a turnkey solution that integrates core product functions and other components such complaints systems and distributors. 

Key data like customer complaints can be integrated into the Skyjed platform and Review Trigger Thresholds can be set with follow-up action.



What this means for the organisation's Product Governance  

This means that Chief Product officer and product managers have the key role for oversight of product governance and target market determinations.

Skyjed provides a product governance framework that is operationalised in form of ongoing product monitoring and reviews. This means the cadence of data flow and frequency  can be monitored on a regular basis and improvement action can follows any trigger event.


The Skyjed product lifecycle management and governance platform provides organisations with a 360-degree view of their product portfolios health and risk status while facilitating collaboration, transparency and product trust in the day to day operations of the organisation.


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Why you should watch:

The Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) compliance deadline is fast approaching. Implementing the essentials into your organisation can be a challenge without the appropriate technology to help operationalise your templates and frameworks.

Skyjed’s Leica and Andrew will show you how Skyjed’s DDO Essentials package can help get you compliant quickly and cost effectively. See how to design, distribute and monitor your target market determinations, monitor and review significant dealing triggers, as well as automate your reporting and complaint record keeping.

Learn about our unique features in the Skyjed solution- governance scheduler and automated product monitoring reports and risk profiles to operationalise DDO.  

Need more info? Check out the Guides in our Resource Page.

Getting product lifecycle management right is critical to success. If you want to find out how Skyjed can help improve compliance and strengthen your product with our AI driven platform, feel free to get in touch.