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Unlocking Product Success: With Skyjed it's simple

In today's fast-paced landscape, the imperative to deliver products that not only meet customer expectations but also surpass competitors' offerings has never been more pronounced. In company Annual reports, there's a shift in gear to "focus on the customer".

This is precisely where effective product lifecycle management (PLM) takes centre stage. And with Skyjed, navigating this terrain becomes refreshingly straightforward, and I say, easy! 

Skyjed platform is built with zero code, making every product lifecycle management process or governance framework easy to adopt. Our clients can create their framework themselves or we create this for them, so they can hit the ground running.  

At first the journey seems daunting, largely because of the traditional methods of Product Lifecycle Management, working in complex systems, shared drives, emails and document - it is a beast to unravel. Our adoption success is built on simplicity that starts off with one product goal to meet and narrows down the focus.  

Having one product goal, be-it regulatory compliance, product development or product performance monitoring helps us work with your teams to define your parameters, and extract all that you need and some added extras. We are product people too, so we have a deep understanding of strategic product management.  

So what can Skyjed help you solve?

  • Centralised Control: Bid farewell to chaos and embrace lucidity. With Skyjed, all pertinent product information – spanning roadmaps, release schedules, compliance documents, and customer feedback – finds a centralized abode within a seamlessly navigable platform. No longer will you find yourself scavenging for files or sifting through an inundation of emails – every essential resource lies at your fingertips.
  • Streamline Product Processes: Time is of the essence, and Skyjed is your ally in setting the gold standard in your processes. I see it alot, inconsistent reviews, bottleneck procedures, manual errors. We help you develop your own templates, that you can roll out across your team, so the same procedure is followed for every reporting period, no excuses! As a product leader giving you back time to take the helicopter up and review portfolio outcomes and addresses the needs of your customers.  
  • Data Driven Decision making:  The power is in your data, so use it! With Skyjed, you can automate data via integrations and its doesn't cost the earth!  If you are a product leader, spend more time assessing your data, not number crunching yourself.  Our clients now access data, that they couldn't before, and are making customer focused data driven decision and cutting down more than 50% of their time.  
  • Optimise and Automate: With Skyjed, set up your product review cadence as a set-and forget, with our automated workflows, you can walk away and let our machine learning AI powered platform work its magic. You can set triggers and thresholds, and during any reporting period, you hit your threshold, you'll be notified. Then assess your risk and opportunity. 

It's simple, because we've made it that way, we are product people building innovative business intelligent tools.

If any of this sounds too good to be true, please book some time with me and let's chat!  


About Skyjed

Skyjed’s AI-powered end-to-end lifecycle and governance platform is mission control for product management. Bringing together every data point across your entire product portfolio and lifecycle into a single source of product truth, it gives our clients a new perspective to make more strategic lifecycle decisions to launch, monitor, optimise, and win with brilliant products. 

Our industry-leading platform has received numerous awards and recognition from clients and industry bodies, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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