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Design and Distribution Obligations Product Growth Strategy

Insights from DDO Webinar

We recently ran our webinar on implementing a technology solution to automate and organise Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) compliance. The topics covered:


  • Regulators phasing out templated solutions globally (i.e. you will be implementing an obsolete solution)
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with a Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Increased productivity with automated reporting and action management
  • Ease of distributor and regulator interaction
Here are some of the top insights from the webinar that was attended by  industry leaders and various Chief Product Officers in the country.


Overall Theme Uplift / strengthen product management

Leadership teams are using the DDO opportunity to go beyond transactional compliance in risk systems and focus on product-led growth and strengthen product management capability. 

So what do some of these capabilities look like?

  1. Resetting CPO or product manager role to fully manage lifecycle for product portfolio. 
  2. Agile innovation to deliver value to customers
  3. Uplifting product governance lifecycle newly added to focus. 


Embracing technology solution

Establishing a new operating rhythm – more frequent product reviews – Monthly monitoring, product risk actions and resetting product strategy every 90 days. What is best-in-class and can the framework be fully automated.


Board Involvement

Board reporting or C-level monthly report on product growth governance with product health metrics including non financial risk.


Watch a recording of the webinar and download the DDO Tool Kit and Playbook.


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