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Product Governance Design and Distribution Obligations Annual Product Reviews Product Growth Consumer Duty

It's time to reset and review your product success goals for 2023!

We often ask ourselves when is the best time to set new product goals and start fresh or re-evaluate existing goals.  Whatever your product goals are for 2023, we have something for everyone!

Learn about our four top tips and complimentary Product Governance and Product Growth services.

1. Enable product growth with our easy product performance and product review templates – it's not only about the feature factory!

There has been a lot of talk on the feature factory and whilst delivering new features is important it does not allow you to understand the lay of the land when it comes to your product and where your top focus should be.

Conducting product reviews or performance audits is easy in Skyjed. We have ready-to-use templates to suit all product goals. You can start in minutes to assess your product's positioning and performance, so you know where to focus your product growth strategies in 2023.

Schedule a free performance audit and demonstration now or sign-up to our free Starter tier.  You can learn more about our free Skyjed Starter tier with automated sign-up and no payment details required.

1B Skyjedtemplates-performance made easy_CTA Skyjed free product audit

 2. Automate your Design and Distribution or Consumer Duty Obligations – work smarter and build product trust!

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is calling on the industry to improve target market determinations and regular monitoring after sample audits found poor practices.

The Design and Distribution Obligations & Consumer Duty have been implemented to ensure that a customer-centric approach is embedded into every financial organisation as part of a Product Governance framework and to ensure the protection of consumer and product trust.  

Learn more about Skyjed's cost-effective solution and tool kit for effectively managing the Design and Distribution Obligations or the Financial Conduct Authority's Consumer Duty. Our solution includes the ability to securely share and automate the collection of product-related information to and from Issuers and Distributors with Skyjed to uplift your compliance.

Schedule a free consultation on how to automate and monitor Design and Distribution Obligations or Consumer Duty.

2A DDO Consumer Duty-product trust work smarter_CTA Skyjed free consult demo

3. Have you completed a Product Review recently? Do you know what your key risks are for course correction or focus areas for growth?

We guarantee you will reap the benefits of regularly conducting product reviews.  The process compels you to get out of the firefighting business-as-usual activities that take up time from strategic thinking and prioritisation.

The review process taps into your strategic skills to deep dive into your product and as a result you will unpack opportunities for growth, customer experience, risk avoidance and innovation.  

One of our great moments as CEO and CPO is when we tapped into one of our biggest opportunities delivering a growth opportunity of $20M+ in less than 6 months. This was a result of a brilliant insight into our data metrics during an annual product review.   Do not underestimate what can be uncovered, at times there will be only small wins but there will also be the crème de la crème that will come shining through. 

The great part is that you will start to generate a picking list of low-hanging fruit that you can prioritise.  Imagine completing this in hours or a few days at most versus weeks of work with a template that guides you every step of the way in a cloud-based cost-effective automated platform. And by cost-effective, you can start for free on our Starter tier with no payment details needed or contact us to learn more about our attractive Enterprise packages.

With Skyjed, you can start creating product reviews in just a few quick simple steps with our guided templates.  We have product review templates to suit everyone from lean short sharp regular product reviews that gives a business snapshot to extensive strategic annual product reviews. 

The best part is you will also receive a product health score and insights reporting.  You can start now with our free Starter tier or contact us. 

Contact us for a free consultation and trial on how to start conducting regular product reviews with your product teams today! 

1A Skyjedtemplates-removefriction_CTA Skyjed Starter

4. No more excuses - Monitor what customers think about your products with Skyjed's Customer Experience Review monitoring  - start to remedy product experience gaps and drive retention!

When was the last time you regularly examined your product's customer experience insights and metrics? How did you capture, measure, and monitor customer experience trends and product experience red flags or early warning indicators with automated trigger actions for further investigation?

Achieving customer and product trust is a catalyst for growth and retention of your product and conducting regular customer reviews are part and parcel.

Start now by completing the Skyjed Customer Experience Review.  It's easy and guides you to assess your product's customer journey breakpoints, complaints, product experience pain points, key metrics and action plan.

Contact us for a free Customer Experience Review today 

We trust we have been able to give you some great areas for focus with the goal of being in the best position to achieve product trust and success. 

Watch the latest Skyjed Demo by Sue Sivam-Raja, Skyjed's Senior Customer Success Manager to get the latest overview of our platform in action!