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Mission Control for Product Management

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Optimise your product performance at all lifecycle stages with Skyjed!
Get started quickly with pre-built templates or customise templates to your business needs.
Schedule ad-hoc and recurring product reviews using our planner.
Achieve a 50% reduction in the time you and your teams spend product monitoring - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits

Manage your products from ideation to sunsetting with Skyjed's Design and Monitor Workspaces.
  • Use the Design Workspace to develop your product strategy and prepare to launch your products.
  • Use the Monitor Workspace to conduct product reviews, track key metrics and data, and create actions to optimise performance.
Streamline your product reporting with Skyjed's Insights tab.
  • Never manually create a chart or info-graphic for your data again.
  • Set up custom reports that automatically update to suit your needs with colourful charts, graphs, tables, and metrics to quickly summarise and display your data.
  • Gain powerful product insights at the click of a button using the Insights tab.
  • View AI-Powered Health Checks with simple, comparable health scores and action prompts.
Automate manual processes and analysis with Workflows and auto-generated Actions.
  • "Set and forget" your key triggers and thresholds, then let Skyjed review your data for you and create risk mitigation actions when needed.
  • Enter your strategic targets and let Skyjed identify key opportunities for you.
Connect with your Partner Organisations securely in the Skyjed Platform using Skyjed Connect.
  • Share product information with your upstream or downstream partners securely in Skyjed's ISO-27001 accredited, enterprise-grade platform.
  • Request product data from partners on an ad-hoc or recurring basis (e.g. monthly/quarterly sales & complaints data).
Reduce your scheduling and admin burden with Skyjed's Planner.
  • Create one-off or recurring events for all your product reviews for years into the future.
  • Get reminders and notifications and times that suit you, so you always have advanced warning of upcoming tasks and events.
  • Schedule external events for your partner organisations to request data and information by a set due date.
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