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Use Cases

Mission Control for Analysis & Reporting

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Automated, customisable dashboards provide all your reporting at the click of a button!
AI-driven health scores provide easy comparison and instant identification of problems.
"Set and forget" workflows analyse your data for you and automatically generate actions where you state they're needed.
Achieve a 90% reduction in the time you and your teams spend preparing reports - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits

Streamline your analysis and reporting with Skyjed's Insights tab.
  • Never create an Excel chart or PowerPoint graphic again.
  • Use Skyjed's widgets to set up custom reports with charts and graphs that automatically update to suit your needs.
  • View AI-Powered Health Checks with simple, comparable health scores and action prompts.
Enter once, use many times, with Skyjed as the single source of truth for all your data.
  • Create reports using any data points entered into Skyjed or imported via integration.
  • Achieve all your reporting needs in one place with customisable export layouts that automatically translate your data into any format needed.
  • Generate a simple one-page summary, detailed PDF report, Excel spreadsheet export, and more, all from the same data!

Save email clutter and reporting inaccuracies by presenting live in Skyjed.

  • Display real-time data with interactive dashboards that you can tailor and filter, as needed.
  • Tackle the right questions by drilling-down into key detail from your dashboards to suit the evolving needs of your meeting.
Automate manual processes and analysis with Workflows and auto-generated Actions.
  • "Set and forget" your key triggers and thresholds, then let Skyjed review your data for you and create risk mitigation actions when needed.
  • Enter your strategic targets and let Skyjed identify key opportunities for you.
Analyse your Partner data in one place with Skyjed Connect.
  • Request data partners securely in Skyjed's ISO-27001 accredited, enterprise-grade platform.
  • Receive partner responses in a consistent format, all within your Skyjed account.
  • Allow Skyjed to automatically analyse your partner data for you, based on criteria you control. Skyjed will assess your partner health and notify you of any risks.
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