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Use Cases

Mission Control for Risks & Opportunities

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Tailored workflows automatically assess your data and generate actions where needed.
Visual risk and opportunity heatmaps display all your actions on one interactive dashboard.
Easy tracking and reporting of risk mitigating actions and strategy actions.
Achieve "peace of mind" knowing your risks will not be missed - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits

Spot opportunities and risks early with Skyjed's automated workflows.
  • Enter your strategic targets and let Skyjed identify key opportunities for you.
  • Tailored workflows automatically identify red flags and generate risk mitigation actions for your teams to review and implement.
  • Reduce admin burden and enjoy more time for impactful work as our "set and forget" features complete your analysis and risk identification for you.
Anticipate your next advantage with Skyjed's Insights tab.
  • AI-Powered Health Checks provide simple, comparable health scores with detail and action prompts under each domain of health.
  • Never miss an opportunity as Skyjed analyses your data for you and highlights areas of success.
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses for continuous improvement and optimisation.
Visualise and track all your risks and opportunities with Skyjed's interactive heatmaps and reports.
  • Prioritise key risks and opportunities with Skyjed's visual heatmaps and drill into the detail to review progress on specific actions.
  • Easily sort and filter strategic actions and mitigation actions across your entire organisation to ensure every risk and opportunity is on track.
  • Receive notifications when actions are assigned to you, updated, or closed, so you always know the latest status.
Ensure clarity and accountability with Skyjed's collaborative features.
  • Keep cross-functional teams accountable and ensure quick progress with reminders and action prompts.
  • Make comments against important data points, assign team actions and deadlines, reassign ownership as needed, and request updates on progress.
  • Filter actions by portfolio, team, owner, etc for easy review at team or project meetings with Skyjed's interactive reports.
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