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Mission Control for Partner Data Exchange

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Link with strategic partners via Skyjed Connect to share information securely within our ISO-27001 accredited, enterprise-grade platform.
Easily share and request the right information with controls that prevent accidentally sharing unapproved material.
Collate partner data into summary audits and reports in Skyjed or export for other use.
Skyjed Connect is a "game-changer" for collecting partner data to meet regulatory requirements - as seen by our other customers!

Features & Benefits


Connect with your Partner Organisations securely in the Skyjed Platform using Skyjed Connect.

  • Share product information with your upstream or downstream partners securely in Skyjed's ISO-27001 accredited, enterprise-grade platform.
  • Request product data from partners on an ad-hoc or recurring basis (e.g. monthly/quarterly sales & complaints data).

Take the stress out of sharing and requesting information.

  • Skyjed will only allow approved information to be shared so incomplete or draft information cannot be shared by mistake or without authorisation.
  • Admin settings allow you to control the type of information that can and cannot be shared with each partner or group of partners to prevent the accidental sharing of the wrong information.
  • Schedule recurring events to remind you to share information with your partners so you never forget.
  • Schedule recurring events for your partners to share information with you so you don't need to manually send requests or reminders - Let Skyjed do this for you!

Improve collaboration and streamline your processes with all the data you need in one platform.

  • Use integrations to automatically populate the data for sharing (also available to your partners who have or upgrade to Skyjed's Enterprise plan).
  • Receive all your partner data in the standardised format you choose.
  • Use Skyjed's data aggregation tools to automatically summarise all your partner data.
  • Easily export your data or set up reports in Skyjed with charts and graphs that automatically update with the latest information for easy reporting.

Learn more about Skyjed Connect.

  • Looking for a quick summary? Watch our short overview video to see how it works.
  • Or check out this blog post to learn more about Skyjed Connect.
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