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Why Skyjed

Find growth and manage risk with next generation product lifecycle management software.

Skyjed gives you visibility of the health of your product to help you make instant lifecycle decisions to improve product performance and reduce risk.
The more visibility you have of your product lifecycle, the better decisions you can make to improve your product’s commercial performance, compliance and trust; faster.
Skyjed is ideal for product teams of all shapes and sizes including financial services, technology, energy, telecom, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer goods, tourism and more.

An affordable solution that adds real value –
ROI in minutes not years

Enhance the way you work - a simple, intuitive product workspace with automated product strategy, action plans, audits, risk profiles, insights, and reporting in an all-in-one package for a single monthly fee.


Intuitively simple, fast deployment

Sign up and hit the + icon to start your product lifecycle journey. Instant start - no long lead times or complex IT requirements. Secure by design – military grade encryption – always on, always secure.


Instant decision-making capability

AI driven product insights and health reports enable you to make more insightful decisions. Sharpen product forecasts and essential decisions with insights from data and analytics. Track and benchmark your competitors, market, operational, non-financial risk and strategy performance.


Step 1.
Sign-up and start in minutes

Create an account - email & password – that’s it. No complex setup or IT integration.

Step 2

Step 2.
Create your product

Press + button to create your product audit, name your product. Then set the strategy and complete your product health-check.

Skyjed guides you through a step by step blueprint of drivers – your market, competitors, value, customer experience, innovation and regulatory obligations.

Step 1

Step 3.
Build a team

Welcoming new team members is as simple as listing their name and email address. You can also invite viewers eg Executive and Board members to view your product health.

Step 3

Step 4.
Publish your product snapshot

Press to publish the product audit. Real-time insights and product reports are generated for you. You can customise the insights to suit your needs.


Step 4

Step 5.
Set and track action plans

Real-time risk and action plans are generated and distributed to your team members. Keep on top of actions and deliverables.


Step 5

Step 6.
Real-time Management Reports

Real-time standard reports about the health of your product lifecycle. Use these reports to drive improvement, manage risk and customer trust.

Optimize Strategy 1
Benefits 1

Reduce reporting,
save time and rework

Forget PowerPoint, Keynote and Excel. Generate instant product insights and reports. AI analyses your product data and provides a comprehensive view of product health. Save hours in report preparation and data interpretation.

Benefits 2

Reduce administration & compliance costs

Better visibility of the regulatory obligations and product risks as your product moves from idea to in-market. Simple, time-saving format for a product owner to define, review and update regulatory obligations and generate product risk profiles.

Benefits 3

Update and leverage experts across the business for fast decisions

Press the create a team button to invite users to your product workspace. Build out a customised virtual team - risk, regulatory, marketing and pricing. Assign actions and get fast approvals.

Benefits 4

Faster, hassle-free handover & on-boarding

Guide handover between different product teams and new hires. Use your product workspace to share product proposition and lifecycle history for on-the-job training to reduce gaps and need for lengthy training.

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