Skyjed Overview

Skyjed is a SaaS based product lifecycle, risk and governance tool. Drive growth whilst delivering product compliance. 

Skyjed helps Product Professionals and their cross-functional teams to manage and grow launched products. Powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, agile teams can mitigate risk with ease, create value and wow customers faster than ever.

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Skyjed's Continuous Auditing Framework

Skyjed's unique monitoring framework helps organisations gain a 360º view of its product portfolio's health across financial and non-financial risk.

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Skyjed Digital Product Management Framework

Skyjed's Domain Framework

To measure the product health, Skyjed provides a holistic assessment of the product with 5 unique Domains:

Understand and Deliver on Revenue, Value, Customer Experience, Innovation & Disruption, Regulatory decisions.

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Skyjed Product Domains

Skyjed Product Health Check

AI and machine learning provides your product insights and analysis. 

The Skyjed Product Health Index is an instant visualisation of your products' current status.

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Product Health (9)

Skyjed Action Plan

Skyjed Action Plan outlines the details you need to reach your product vision with continuous improvement

Action plans encompass both strategic and risk mitigation actions.

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Strategy Action Module

What makes Skyjed the #1 Digital Product Management tool.

Skyjed Confident decisions making
Make confident decisions

Backed by AI data driven insights and health check scores, that help you land on the right decision.

Skyjed Action Start in Mins
Up and Running in Minutes

Skyjed's cloud based SaaS offering makes it easy to get going. Create your account, create your product, start your first audit. Easy.

Clear communication in Skyjed
Clear, concise communication

With peers, management and the board. Clearly communicate your product strategy and demonstrate success.

Skyjed Action tracking and management
Track and manage actions

Build and manage action plans. Assign and monitor actions and status. Centralised action management across your product, portfolio and team.

Time saving with Skyjed
Get time back 

Automated reporting, everything in one place. Save hours in preparation and data interpretation to work on what matters most.

Explosive product growth with Skyjed
Explosive product growth

AI powered analytics interpret hundreds of data points to give you actionable insights that drive explosive product growth.

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