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Skyjed software

Find growth, improve product experience and compliance with
Skyjed product-lifecycle management software.

Product Health Check Score

AI powered health checks which deliver instant insight and actionable data for long term product growth.

Health Check (9)

Risk Management

Ensure compliance and safeguard regulated products with cyclical risk assessment and corrective action.

Risk Management (9)


Centralised communication platform providing transparency and promoting collaboration across the entire product portfolio lifecycle.

Collaboration (1)

Knowledge Management

Facilitate information transfer and integrity
with version controlled reporting and
a clear & demonstrable audit trail

Knowledge Management (13)
The power of collaboration for fast product decisions

Press the create a team button to invite users to your product workspace. Build out a customised virtual team - design, risk, legal, marketing and pricing. Assign actions and get fast approvals.

Faster, hassle-free handover & on-boarding

Guide handover between different product teams and new hires. Use your product workspace to share product proposition and lifecycle history for on-the-job training to reduce gaps and need for lengthy training.

Reduce administration & non-compliance risk

Clear visibility of the regulatory obligations and product risks as your product moves from idea to in-market. Quick and easy format for a product owner to define, review and update regulatory obligations and generate product risk profiles.

Reduce reporting, save time
and rework

Forget PowerPoint, Keynote and Excel. Generate instant product insights and reports. AI analyses your product data and provides a comprehensive view of product health. Save hours in report preparation and data interpretation.

Are you DDO compliant (Design and Distribution Obligations)?

Skyjed provides you with a best in class design and distribution governance framework and review capabilities across your product lifecycle. 


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