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Drive performance health-checks and action planning

Skyjed gives you the complete picture to guide effective product lifecycle management, from strategy to execution. 


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View a snapshot of your product health anytime

Quickly access a comprehensive report of a product’s overall lifecycle health and performance to take action. Review the complete picture of your market, competitors, and regulatory requirements and decide how best to improve your product and customer experience.

Drive Perf Health Check 1

Get better visibility with automated reporting to plan actions

Skyjed software tool reduces inconsistency and establishes product management disciplines quickly and easily. View insights on a page and see know when your product reviews and actions are due - and follow-through.

Drive Perf Health Check 2

AI powered health checks to drill down deeper

Ai  powered health checks give you the power to analyse and understand the true health of your product. Use these reports to update executives and Board members.

AI powered health checks to drill down deeper

Don't waste time on reactive reporting.  With Skyjed you can:

Track operational and non-financial metrics

Track product data and performance in a central place and allow data access to different teams to ensure alignment and business success.

Analyse industry and technology trends

Make better decisions by defining external factors such as technology trends and adjacent and substitute products.

Generate real-time health check reports 

Automated product reports in real-time to share with teams, management or business leaders. 

Drill down to core issues

Automated product risk reports where you can click to drill down on the root cause of a risk rating and make better decisions.

Share product updates and actions

Take the pain our of preparing for monthly, quarterly and annual strategy updates with automated health-check snapshot for management

Report when you need

Track product data and performance in a central place and create and issue reports.  Make recommendations to improve your product and customer experience; and save hours of time.

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