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In Skyjed save, find and share point-in-time product health snapshots to get everyone up to speed quickly and accurately.

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Product information at your fingertips

Protect and preserve your deep product lifecycle knowledge. Make version control and finding product information, reviews and reports fast and easy.
Product information at your fingertips

Knowledge comes before innovation

Ensure product inductions and handovers are structured and based on updated information.
Knowledge comes before innovation

Increase the impact of decisions

The entire history of your product and the what, the how and why of its lifecycle health. Base your decisions on the end-to-end 'product health'.

Increase the impact of decisions

Promote rapid and aligned decision making.  With Skyjed you can:

Get executive support

Create product strategy, reviews, action plans and store in one place. Get executive support with clear justification.

Search for time critical info

Search a product report by key word or date to quickly retrieve important information.

Filter to find

Filter product reviews and reports by health and risk to decide where to focus.


Create a clear audit trail

Automated version control – with clear product, portfolio and organisational information date stamped.


Induct new employees

Induct  new hires in your team with product strategy history, risk and regulatory issues.

Comprehensive handover in minutes

Achieve a fast hand over that includes all key performance information and drivers, deep insights and history.

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